"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self confidence." Robert Frost

Website Evaluation

Encyclopedia Britannica vs. Wikipedia

http://www.thedogisland.com/  vs. http://www.thebarkleypethotel.com/

www.dhmo.org vs www.watercure.com

Websites for doing Research

  1. LAVC Library Website
  2.  Advanced Google Search handout
  3. GoogleGoogle Scholar, and Blackle
  4. Noodle Tools


  • For students to leave the workshop with some actual prewriting that they can use when they draft their personal statements.
  • For students to clearly understand the directions/requirements of the personal statement application (UC, USC) This entails understanding the importance of following the instructions and paying attention to detail.
  • For students to understand the importance of the audience for the Personal Statement: explain personal struggles in a positive light, avoid “poor little me,” and to understand the benefit of using college representatives as readers.
  • For students to understand what not to do on their Personal Statement.
  • For student to understand the importance of time management when writing the personal statement and the benefit of multiple drafts and revision.



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